Pomodoro is a technique to ward off procrastination. It was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s and still remains one of the most popular tools among lazy minds.

Basically it includes a cycle approach where you work for a 25 min chunk, rest for a while and work for another 25 min. This shifting of focus helps keeping brain engaged on a single task for a long time without boredom and also improves its efficiency.

I happen to be among the most determined procrastinators of all times. As a proof, i am writing this blog at 11:51 when its due in 8 mins. Although its an account of task i did two days ago. So, i guess, i will need time to get used to it.

I hammered my laziness and took on the task of completing an online course about Laplace Transform from khan academy which i had left hanging in at 50% from last two months. I embarked on it and after doing lots and lots of error and mistakes, i finally did it. This time, i won and those evil mistakes could not take me down.

However this was not possible without cutting of myself from social media and applying pomodoro. These really helped my brain to get back on track and use its energy on constructive work. I am happy i did that and sad that i am again lazy. But i will keep trying and now i am better equipped.

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