Reaching to HR professional

Taking advice from professionals is a great way to learn. This way, we get to have solid knowledge without experiencing failures. This is valid for every domain including job search and contacting someone knowledgeable is always helpful.

So, we got a chance to have a conversation with an H.R. professional from a respected company. We asked commonly asked questions to know their perspective. Summary is as follows:

How to answer “why you want to join us?”

A: We want to have a idea of how much you know about the company business and if you are interested enough.

Do you hire people with strong people skills even if they lack in technicalities?

A: Technical knowledge is a very important aspect of our selection criteria and if a person lacks in basic technical knowledge then we won’t hire him unless we want to place him in some non-technical domain of our company. So at least basic concepts should be there along with excellent people skills to have a chance.

Please explain the logic behind “why should we hire you?”

A: This question exists to gauge how well you know yourself and the best way to answer it is by relating your skills to what specified in job description.

We thanked the person for his time and valuable concerns and sent him a thank you email. Certainly, this was a helpful exercise and will be useful in job hunting.

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