Sharing tips with friend

“ Sharing is caring”, said somebody.

If you are benefiting from a good thing then it is your responsibility to guide others too to spread positive gestures in society. Sensing so, i contacted my old school mate who is in search of job and is a graduate.

Me and my friend Talha

I explained him about what Amal fellowship is and how it helps in becoming a life long learner. Answering his questions made me realize how different someone else thinks and helped improving some of my responses as well.

We had a discussion on each of six tips and i gave him examples according to his own field and showed him few lectures and videos from the course. He himself was excited to know that a professional training institute exists in Lahore and he was keen to know more about it.

Finally, i told him that applications are open for the fellowship and sent him link of the page and few other videos to motivate him.

This exercise was helpful as it helped me connect with my old friend and provided me a way to utilize my people skills.