How I plan to become a better learner

Learning is that procedure which a man can start in every age of life even if a man want to learn some new things in his old age he can easily learn new things.As Holly Prophet (SAW) said “Take Knowledge from Cradle to Grave” It is an ongoing process and become very easy now a days just because of modern technology like online books, google, online courses etc

So, in order to learn new things everybody has to face some problems like suddenly a zombie come in our mind and stops us from learning and also in the form of other distractions like Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, mobile messaging and other means of social media.I also face such kinds of problems while learning in the form of some household works when I am going to start learning some major problems which I face are as under

*Parents calling me to go outside and bring some goods

*Social Media


*Brain stops working while learning new things which are tricky and difficult

*Friends phone call about lets some fun or eating shawarma

So, In order to overcome these problem and for becoming a better learner an online course at proves very helpful for me for removing my distractions while learning new things. According to this course for becoming a good learner Physical Exercise” is very important because due to this new ideas come in our mind and our mind works with more spirit. I have also applied the concept of Analogy and Metaphor while learning some new and tricky things by comparing this things with other one which we already know to remember this thing.

Pomodoro Challenge

So, In order to become better learner I will apply Pomodoro Technique which play a very important role for time management. In one of my previous blogs I have already told about this technique like switch the social media and other things and do work after this 25 minutes break and this process so on. In coursera also discussed about this.

These are the things that were main takeaways from Amal Career Prep Fellowship too and I am going to implement these in becoming a Better Learner. In the last I want to add that our Focus and Attention is also required in becoming better learner.