Single most important lesson I’ve learned from the fellowship

“AMAL” The most important journey of my life. I can never forget these three months in my life because of its friendly environment. Teaching style in Amal is very unique and in my 16 years of education I never experienced it before. My three-month journey in Amal gives me such kind of pleasure which I can’t describe in words.

We learn many skills in three-month fellowship like Leadership, Communication, Business Writings, Resume, Cover Letter, Interview Questions, Excel and teamwork etc. but the most important lesson which I have learned during this period is “Facing Failure” in our Activity regarding Collection of funds for Edhi Foundation.

As we all know after the death of great Abdul Sattar Edhi, there is a huge decline in donations to Edhi foundation. Now it is our responsibility to carry on mission started by great Edhi sb. That’s the best way to pay tribute to great man.

In the last month of fellowship we came up with the challenge to collect fund for edhi foundation. It was the most busiest week of fellowship because we have to do facilitation activity and also we are conducting teachers training workshop as mega project.We took this task as a challenge. In our group almost all members collect funds in their personal capacity. We decided to collect funds in a group from market.

Our main target was Pace but unfortunately, they didn’t allow us to collect funds from there. We felt very bad and our morals goes down. We collect few funds from some shops. In the meantime a boy came himself gives us funds and boast our morale. Then we target Hafeez centre and collect funds from there. We collect huge funds that day.

That day I start believing more more in the principle which we learn from Amal Academy “Never give up and Just start let the work teach you”. Because at start our plan didn’t work and our Morales goes down. But we keep on trying and In the end we not only able to collect huge amount of funds but also appreciation from the traders and general Public.

In the end, I would like to say that I’m going to use this principle in every aspect of my life specially when trying new things. At start I might face difficulty and failure but that’s the only way to do something and make your life better. If we want to change our life, we have to come out from our comfort zone and face challenges.