Amal Problem Solving Challenge

There are some steps that must be followed while solving any problem:

  1. Own the problem
  2. Identifying and understanding the problem
  3. Come up with as many solutions as possible
  4. Asking for help and brainstorming in groups
  5. Try the first idea and collect feedback
  6. Continue repeating step 5 using different ideas (don’t give up)

As Edhi sb died and Edhi Foundation is facing difficulties in raising fund. We identified the top 3 solutions to that problem.

  • Fund raising as Volunteer in shopping malls like Kohinoor
  • Fund raising as Volunteer in universities like
  • university, NFC, PMC
  • Fund raising events for Edhi Foundation

So we construct a plan for funding with-in hostel, shopping malls, UAF, NFC, make 3 teams and divide their funding locations. this is kind of brainstorming.

Also we asked others to help us.

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