Some more persons of interest in the lastest NYC hack from Exchanges are on this list especially in…

I vigorously protest this misuse of a screenshot to make false accusations against a large group of people including the company managed by myself, I had nothing to do with the 51% attack and my company has been hit harshly by this attack. There are 2 exchanges still frozen with the full amount of our company’s coins, yet and still we continue to stay open for our loyal customers to be able to get New York Coin. Please edit your posting to remove our name from your list. You have no right to make these unproven and blatantly false allegations based on a list of total bot uses from Discord that has nothing to do with the attack. This also does nothing to solve the continued problem, which is continuing to wear away at whatever credibility New York Coin could have had left. I have worked tirelessly to advance this coin and I do not have billions of coins. At this point I have less than 500,000 in my personal holdings and yet I continue to provide valuable service and active support to the New York Coin community. This is the height of dishonor to falsely blame people who were also victims even as they continue to support the coin and do the best they can in these circumstances.