Khudi and Self Learning through your own Blog

Edhi sahib is the honorable personality who give us real example how to serve humanity in this modern world. As Edhi sahib belongs to a middle class family. But he just started to help poor people. He give us two important points. First one is that every deed or work matters and these deeds when combine produce huge impact on human life. Second point is that be stick with your aim and don’t be worried about what the people think about you. It will help you to groom in your life and achieve your goal. Therefore it conclude that nothing deed is useless and be consistent with your career. Lets take the example from my own life. During doing ICS from Civil Lines college, different people my all relatives advice me to stop studies and do a job in order to support your family. But I have clear cut aim and no problem change my aim. I struggle to get admission in reputed universities. And I achieve success with hardworking and being consistency. It is pertinent to mention here that I never join a academy during my whole life. So with hard work and keen interest I achieve the goal to get admission in reputed universities.

Just started is the beginning of every change in real life. Most people have big ideas. They wanted to achieve all goals of their life. But the progress ratio is very low. The reason is that we have a mind set to to nothing and achieve all things. It is not happening in real world. As Benje has a motive to teach people to perform better in their practical life. He just started with a idea and also do implementation of it. At the end of day he has achieve his goal. Therefore it is the core part to do big things. My previous goal was to complete my studies whatever the situation is and become a software engineer that have good understanding of technical skills. I want to achieve that goal because I want to be a successful person.

I faced a lot of problem during my studies. First of all mentally pressurize by many people to stop studies. Second thing that there was no proper guidance available for me. So I decided the career path and start working to excel my skills in development field. Now I am satisfy with my performance till now.

To achieve my goal in life I identify the following tasks.

  1. Get domain knowledge from internet or from professional persons.
  2. Work hard and be consistent in your desire field with out any interference.
  3. Always be positive whatever you selected a carrier path.

Every field has its own challenges. As Computer Science is one of the emerging field of science. Therefore stay updated with latest trends and technologies is mandatory. You should be dynamic personality who is willing to adapt new things. I got degree in computer science and I am learning new things that are compulsory for industry work.

After achieving my desire degree and knowledge, I have following experience. First of all never compare yourself with others. You can't say that if one person cannot do this task then you are unable to do it. I think person should be positive. Second thing is that every person has his own mentality. So the people those are comparing them with others make a Jealousy environment which is very bad for a literate person. Always spend your time properly because this is the time you can make it asset or make it a liability.

My next step is to never stop learning and move to next stages with hard working and honesty. Also passionate person will easily achieve his goal. I am highly passionate and will achieve my goal by getting a job in software house in a short period of time.