Sharing the 6 tips with your classmate

I want to share the experience of telling 6 tips to my friend Zeshan. It was very good experience for me. The dicussion questions are given below

  1. Do an internship before pursuing a higher degree to confirm if you like that field.

When I tell him about this tip, he was strongly agreed with me because most of the students don’t know what are the career path and how to work in professional life. He said it is good experience to learn which job is suitable for you.

2) Don’t do PhD if you want to be an entrepreneur or work in corporate sector.

Most people think that higher education helps him/her to achieve executive position in their desire company. My friend first disagree with me and give me examples of persons that are highly qualified. But I express my thoughts that that corporate level, industry needs experience persons and they highly recommend those. The person with higher education is suitable for research and academic purpose only. I tell him real examples from my field. After that he agreed to accept it.

3) Spent at least one year in your job first.

He said that I want to do MS and then I will start job. I tell him first do professional work and then decide what you want to do. If you have clear plan to move in academic then its good option for you. Otherwise you have to work at-least one year in industry to get exposure of your field. Then finally he decided to delay MS program.

4) Find your passion and align it with your career.

He thinks that passion is nothing but when you got job and work then you become passionate about it. I tell him that if you have true passion that you can excel in that field. Otherwise you feel that it is a burden on you. I gave him the example of Steve Jobz and tell him passion is necessary for success.

5) Decisions are very unique to each person, what’s right for one isn’t right for the other.

He totally agree with me in this tip. He said every body has its own thoughts and ideas. Every person has its own interest. Therefore we should not follow other. We are free what we gonna want to do. The person should be self determined in this thoughts and ideas. I was surprised with his thoughts.

6) Don’t let other people make decision for you and don’t blame anyone else.

It was very nice question. I spend a lot of time to convince him about it. First he said that I made most of the decision based on other people suggestions. How I am responsible for it? Then I tell him many people always blame others for each issue. We should be brave to accept our faults. People just suggests us to do. Now its upon to us what to do with our life. He realized that I am true in this tip. He said I agreed with you. If we take responsibility of our task then we will be able to perform well.

At the end, he was very thankful to me for these advises. It was very good experience for me as well as for him.

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