Knowledge Claim: I listened to a podcast on BBC about short people or people under the average height in their country and their views on their everyday life. The mostly spoke about the disadvantages they face with the big idea of not being respected among other people. They first mentioned about the dating scene with the use of technology and dating apps, to walking down a street or going on a date and what struggles come with that. People and society see them see as a lower class and they have to make themselves seem taller, since that is one of the first thing people notice. Their are leg lengthening surgeries, to shoes that add some height to a person. The mindset that “tall people” are better or higher class is because of the biology and past times where tall people were the hunters and the protectors and that mindset has carried on till today. Also, in the modeling industries, models that identify as short usually add a few inches to their height, to get caste more often and once they are there, they stand much taller and where heels to be respected. This world is evolved around societal expectations and it affects peoples self esteem about themselves.

Knowledge Questions:

Where are the expectations of people’s height, evolved to being such a requirement for men and women?

It is becoming more common for women to want men who are taller than, almost an expectation of all women to expect that. Women or men may be missing the different characteristics of person instead of their outer features. It comes from past times about tall people I mentioned in my knowledge claim.

How does being shorter than average, impact a person life?

Shorter people get paid less than taller people. More respective and “attractive” to others. The dating scene may be easier, and can find a significant other that “matches” their standards.