The Importance, the Art and the Science of Poetry.

  • I really enjoyed listening to the podcast during class and after school about the entire message and communications of poetry and how it impacts people. I believe it’s important for people to find different outputs and finding different ways to let out your emotions, inner feelings and finding your truest passion about something along the way. From this podcast and for lots of people it could be with writing a message/speech, like poetry. I enjoy reading and writing poetry because it can be about anything, and everything you make out of it. Any feeling or emotion that comes to mind or in a moment can be a poem. Poetry can be about having a rhythm, rhyme, the act of storytelling and can have repetition of words and language to emphasize your message. Having those subjects listed can help the audience remember and appreciate a poem even more. Poems can make you feel and escape your emotions/reality, reading or writing. Like for example, towards the end of the podcast, they mentioned a lady suffering from depression while in prison and needing to express her emotions in some kind of way. So, she found reading and writing poems to be her love, passion and a way to “escape” out of her life in jail mentally and emotionally. She mentions that her writing’s made her feel more alive and that can be very common feeling to have, because your writing from the true you and how you feel in that moment or moments.
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