Why Does Everyone Have an Opinion?

I always enjoy going through the internet to read people’s opinions. Any time a major political or sporting event occurs I find myself looking at Facebook posts, Reddit threads, public forums, blogs and news articles; I read anything I can find until I get bored of the topic.

Does this baby doesn’t feel the need to share their opinions on every issue?

What has always bemused me was how average people not only form an opinion on a topic, but they usually write a hastily-prepared response and then feel the need to share it online. Complex social and political problems are analyzed within days and then solutions are offered by people who don’t have a significant audience and who aren’t being paid for their opinion, so why do they put the effort to write up a response?

The need to express an opinion is something human, however sharing your opinion online means spending quite some time writing something coherent and consistent, which always put me off. Despite this fact, people continue to share their opinions more and more on different types of social media. I guess this means that most people do not spend enough time honing their opinions, which should explain all the knee-jerk and poorly articulated ideas that float around the internet. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that doesn’t mean you should just say whatever you feel like without ensuring that it is well-researched.

I will start sharing my ideas and opinions on this medium (heh) mainly because I want to find out what is so appealing about sharing online. It already seems pretty daunting (I spent a couple of hours on this little piece), but if this means I become a more informed person then I guess it will be worth the effort.