Pyinstaller VS cx_Freeze

I don’t know what your experiences are with the pyinstaller library , but I , recently , found that there is a problem with the pyinstaller while converting your .py project into an executable file or a final product for Windows users

I installed the pyinstaller using the pip (pip install pyinstaller) and I gave a try to convert my simple snake game into a .exe file , you should go the directory where your file locates and type in the command prompt : pyinstaller

but when I made that I found a lot of errors and none of stack overflow nor the youtube gave me any piece of information that can help me.

but there was another library which is called cx_Freeze , It’s kinda complicated but I found it more funny than Pyinstaller , you will install it easily using (pip install cx_Freeze) and here comes the trick :D , follow those steps:

1- make a .py file next to your original file and name is setup

2- write the following:

after finishing this , open your CMD and write the following : cx_Freeze 
NB: you should be in the directory of the working files
and press enter , now you will get .exe file in a folder called build.

if the Pyinstaller works with you , that’s really great , but if you are facing a problem with it , try this