Our Relationships Have Life Cycles, too.

From what I’ve experienced, I have come to realize that our relationships pass through the same phases that products go through.

Most, but not all, products and services go through a series of stages over their useful life, sometimes referred to as their “life cycle”.

I applied these stages on every relationship/friendship I’ve been into and I figured out something, but first I will detail each one of them.

First: The introduction stage

Where it all begins, when a product or service is introduced, it may be treated as a curiosity item as many potential buyers may suspect that all th bugs haven’t been worked out. 
Most of us feel the same towards any one we meet for the first time, we start acting carefully before we show them our true-self besides wanting to explore their personality.

Second: The growth phase

Over time, design improvements and increasing demand will lead to the growth phase.
The most interesting phase, here is where we know them a little bit more as time goes, where things start to be less awkward and where we feel more comfortable around them and let them inside our world. It is where we cherish every second spent with them.

Third: The maturity phase

Where the product or service reaches maturity, and demand levels off.
It is where most of our relationships start to lose its bright, where things start to get vague and we feel like we are no longer in control. It is where we start to take each other’s presence for granted and our egos start to control us.

As time goes by, our emotions disappear and then we give up trying to exert the effort to figure things out and fix them up.

Fourth: The decline phase

In the decline phase, decisions must be made on whether to discontinue a product or service and replace it with new ones or abandon the market, or to attempt to find new uses for the existing product or service. 
It’s where most of us will choose the easiest way, which is to let go.

Here is my conclusion and what I’ve figured out.

I’ve figured out that we, as human beings, get used to every thing and every one around us easily, take things for granted and feel that it is not that surprising to not have them around. 
Our relationships start to die and enter the “maturity phase” because we stop trying to keep them alive, we stop providing each other with values that can make our life’s better. and in my opinion, “Values are our relationships’ favorite food which make them more stronger and alive.”

Let values be the main base on which you build your relationships, search for the most creative solutions to your problems, listen to each other carefully, keep creating and making new things together even if they are not that big. Believe me just a simple “thank you” can keep your partner happy and your relationship healthy.

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