Praai App beta version is now on Google Play Store

After months of working now our beta version on the playstore.

First if all, why praaiApp?

We Humans are social beings, social life is one of the most important influences of our mental health. We seek to communicate and strenghthen our relationships, as we evolve and in this technology era social media became an important part of our daily life. We communicate and share our emotions online, we are totally connected through our devices.
Technology is supposed to make our life easier but social life is too complicated to be digitalized.
All of us now feel that we are missing something and that this the real communication and the real social interactions.
And We can’t have it through online social media platforms.
We want to meetup with friends and we want to have good time together, not virtually but in the real life. 
From here praaiApp idea came to our mind.
In the city there are a lot of spots and places to have a good time with friends but there is a problem we don’t know where exactly?
Either we stick to some places till we feel bored or we make a lot of plans that never become reality. 
So how we are trying to solve it through Praai?
Simply PraaiApp is a platform to gather your friends, discover the most interesting spots in the city and hangout. As simple as that

How it works ?

Open praai,
Check outing plans created by your friends. Or you create your own outing plan.

You are free to share it with all your followers or with your close friends (public, private)

Discover places based on your mood by categories, Vote for places, know best place nearby you or in the whole city based on other people reviews and Check in the place and share your experience with your followers

It’s not a chatting app, it’s not app for rates and reviews it’s a platform and a community for people who love having fun and discover new spots for who love meeting up with their friends.

You can download it from the playStore:

Note: please take into consideration that this is a beta version we may have bugs and errors and we will be glad if you left a feedback on the playstore.