Fear Of Failure!

Have you ever heard of fear of failure? Fear of failure is basically a fear of being unable to accomplish or succeed in something.

It can be a fear of anything, fear of exams, future, life etc. Lets say that a teacher asks a question and the student knows the answer but he is having a fear that it might get wrong but when someone else give the answer that you thought so you curse yourself for not speaking up because of that FEAR. Lots of people dream everyday, people dream of becoming a doctor,engineer,writer or a novelist. Doctor engineer are okay for people but when you say that you want to excel in the field of media, people usually dont respond well to this and it destroys a person’s confidence and he is discouraged.

So just keep what you are doing, just keep the hopes high, whatever you are doing is great! Just do it and live life ☺

Take risk, because you only live once! 😉

Dont be afraid of the consequences, it will surely lead u to success and if godforbid that doesnt happen, it’ll be a good lesson.

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