#Juststart Project :

Goal: To take action (#juststart) on something you’re afraid to do (or something you have been unable to achieve in the past).

Answer: I like to start at my own home, by my lovely Mom. And this skill is tailoring.

Challenges that I Faced for Tailoring:

I was wanted to learn this skill three years ago, but due to some other reasons, i.e, my study for going out of city from Sangla Hill to Fsd. it is difficult to learn this skill for me.

I told my Mom many times to learning this skill from her but hi evade me every time. And there is also no even one possibility to do it.

But now by the joining amal academy, I have to know to complete my this project, so this is a chance for me to learn it.

Now, I have just start this project by my lovely Mom. I hope I learn this within 2-3 weeks, if my Mom spend 4-6 hours for my daily. But its #juststart..

There are the steps to learn this skill, follow these steps.


  1. First of all, You learn about the sewing that, how you sew on a simple clothe. Grasp on this step firstly, by doing this practice again and again. Then you fold a piece of cloth and sew it. When you complete this practice, now you can sew a Shalwar. Because it sew easy than Camise(qameez). Shalwar sew easily.
  2. Second step is that to Splice the Chepee on Cloth by iron for making the collar, kaff, and paanchy.
  1. Now, third step is to cutting the cloth into shalwar Camise Cut shalwar Camise ,shitrs and pants.

These are the three steps to make you a well know Tailor.

6 steps to a Mature Tailoring Approch:

  1. Define Goals, Questions, Measuring
  2. Define Tool Requirements
  3. Define tailoring options
  4. Define tailoring tools
  5. Analyze Metrics
  6. Improve the Standard Processes
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