Khudi and Self Learning:

Edhi sb readings:

Even a single word uttered by Abdul Sattar Edhi used to make a huge impact on people; that was the stature of Pakistan’s greatest philanthropist.

Throughout his life, Edhi sahab set examples for the world to follow through his actions. In fact, more work and less talk remained his principle till the very end.

Although there’s no dearth of great quotes by perhaps the greatest Pakistani who ever lived, we share with you ten which we believe will leave you inspired for the rest of your lives.

First I want to write Something about My experience after reading the book.

When I was in Class 9th. I decide to devote myself to help other people. But then it was difficult for me. I was need some money for this to help others. But , I have no money for this. But I help the other by doing there works that they was said to me. And now a time I’m a nice and well boy in my relatives and in my street.

Helping others is the quality in me, that relate me to Edhi sb. And this is the way that makes me to a good person as Edhi sb. I’m proud of me in this quality.

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