Project 1: Reaching out to friends (3 points)

Goal: To learn more about your strengths and abilities by asking your friends for a feedback.

Knowing Yourself:

Reaching Out To Friends:

Knowing yourself is the first step to know about your weakness and your abilities. A person can’t know by own yourself, he know from the other person’s suggestions. Every people have the friends, relatives, siblings, which know about him very clearly. So some of my closers tell me about myself.

About my weakness:

M Usman Farooq: He is my university class fellow. And very close friend. He tell me about my weakness.

( Weakness...... Laziness... And less knowledge (you know knowledge what about I am talking) …)

According to usman I'm so Laziness. I do not work hard on time. Which make me disappoint.

And I have not more efficient knowledge about other persons. It's my weakness.

Usama Iqbal: He is my cousin as well as my best friend. He know about me very clearly. He tell about my weakness is;

(You are so much lazy.don't focus on the things which require ur focus n attntion.
Don't try to change urself wd chngng world...u don't care for ur outlook)

He tell me about my weakness is that, I'm so Lazy. And don't focus on that things that are meaningful for me.

I'm not change myself according to the world change. I don't change myself.

Sajawal Hussain: He is my best friend. He is my childhood friend. He well know about me. He tell me about my weakness is;

I don't care any thing which I focus on it.

I'm not take it serious.

About my Strength:

Usama Iqbal: I recognize you in every field a sort of person who devote himself for others help and happiness and give priority to others.
A person who doesn't care for himself and always tried to lend his helping hand in service of others.
Bighearted, selfless, sympathetic and a bit lazy person.
Above mentioned qualities are your strengths which r not available in everyone in this era.
So never loose them..

Hassan mohy u din: He is my friend in university class fellow. He tell me about my strength is;

U believe on others so they get an edge to promote a relationship that's called friendship.

Hassan tell about me, that, I believe on other without knowing him deeply. And this get an edge to promote to develop a relationship with others. Its call friendship.

Muhammad Usman Farooq: Your strength is .... Group leadership.... Good sixth sense.... Making path between any problem....

He tell me that, I can prove a myself is a Good leader. And I have good six sense.

I search out the path with any problem.

Sajawal Hussain: I help others with core of my heart. I'm always be happy. I believe on God.

At the End I complete myself.

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