Or whatsoever!

You do question life when you are not in peace with it ..

I miss you!

For whatever circumstances had happened that may make you ashamed of yourself, that prevent you from letting your heart take your lead, forcing you to use your brain as things are now closed between you and her, apart from all this, I sometimes just can not control that heart from beating your name!

I just miss you! That simple .. that clear!

Life is too short you know .. keeping your emotions in doesn’t really count when you are in true deep love with someone!

I am not really in peace with grey zones ..

I loved you, do, and will do until this soul meets their creator ..

We all sinners in a way or another .. letting go and remembering the kind moments to forgive your significant other means you have true love for them, and make you a better person ..

Once again, I miss you with whatever the word could say ..

Until we meet again ..

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