Lazy has won the golden kitty 2019 for the Smart-home category 🎉

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I feel so humbled — this is an amazing win for Lazy and I’m beyond excited to follow in Notion’s footsteps. 😃

It may look clumsy to make that comparison but at the end of the day, the ultimate ambition is to build such a well-rounded product, don’t you think? Let’s dream big and trigger a self-fulfilling prophecy for Lazy. 🔮

If you also wonder what Golden Kitties are, they are awards given by Product Hunt once a year to celebrate all the best products and makers. …

From an unruly robot vacuum cleaner to the creation of my app, discover the productivity hacks I learned along the way.

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I can literally spend hours on creating an automation that will save me a fraction of a second a day.

I concede, it is not the most efficient use of my time but anyone who’s obsessed with productivity tools like me will understand. It’s not so much about saving time that it is about the gratifying pleasure of knowing that everything works as you set out to do.

Only this time though, the process I set out to create didn’t take a few hours but several months. It got to a point where I think I have some explaining to do. Those around me are starting to wonder where I disappeared. …

De mon robot aspirateur désobéissant à la création de mon app, découvrez mes hacks pour être plus productif à la maison.

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Je peux passer des heures à mettre en place un automatisme qui va me faire gagner un centième de seconde par jour.

Parfois pas rentable pour un sou, mais tous les obsessionnels fous d’outil de productivité de mon acabit le ressentent secrètement : il ne s’agit pas que de gagner du temps, il s’agit surtout de se procurer une dose de plaisir… quand tout fonctionne comme prévu.

Sauf que cette fois-ci, le process que j’ai voulu mettre en place n’a pas pris quelques heures, mais quelques mois. …

Today you’re going to see 3 of my favorites strategies in action that we use at Planète Chocolat on a daily basis using Mediatoolkit.

If you run an Ecommerce, the 2 metrics you should be OBSESSED with are acquisition and retention.

You don’t get one without the other; attracting customers without having the right tools to retain them, like pouring water into a leaking bucket.

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like pouring water into a leaking bucket.

When we started using Mediatoolkit, our aim was almost too simple: monitor the online reputation of Planète Chocolat.

But we soon realised that we could pro-actively use the tool and generate sales while building a close relationship with our future customers. …


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