I have always had this thought and mentality that every separation, conflict and part-aways happen for what I have always called, “A difference” just as everything happens for a reason. Sometimes people part away and the immediate thought process that goes into people’s mind and not just the people who actually parted away, that these two should and will hate and despise each other because of what happened, and this is what the vast majority of us people believe or do in our lives. A couple who are not into each other anymore and aren’t together anymore are believed to hate each other and can’t stand each other anymore, just because they are not together anymore. But if we just look closely to the matter with more intelligence or even just the logic of it, taking away and out emotions and hot head behaviours, the two just can’t get along together anymore, and why is that? because they had a conflict, a difference in the logic of mind if I may. But this difference should not lead to any hate or dislike, because in all honestly it would be stupid and it is. If you are in a shop looking for something to buy and you found what you are looking for and it turns out it is costs more than you could afford or it wasn’t coloured the way you like or it wasn’t just as you expected, would you hate it? would you hate the place? would you hate yourself? of course not, because there was a difference between your thoughts and reality, and you respected the fact that it isn’t meant to be or simply put, you just can’t buy it.

Any relationship in this world is built upon mutual interest and the benefit or all parties, and the separation that happens when this relationship ends is caused by reasons that I believe revolve around one thing and one thing only, the belief that the relationship is not self-beneficiary anymore, and this should not lead to any hateful emotions post the break up/separation because it is like negotiating a deal, you either agree and sign or disagree and walk away.

My thoughts might seem scattered and not in order, but what I am trying to point out is that once we take relationship out of their “emotional pool” and start thinking logically we will find that parting ways does not mean any one should dislike, hate or despise other people just because they are not together anymore, it is because they simply are different and this difference is as normal as the sun rising from the east.