#RiseAndShape — The next bold step in “shaping” Mombasa..

Its been quite an experience in Mombasa. In many ways, but it has especially been a learning experience. We have pushed the envelope to much greater heights with SwahiliBox with a select team of dedicated and industrious individuals, and have built a community of innovators and potential innovators. We have seen high school kids doing amazing things, including designing and prototyping amazing systems. Capacity Building 101.

I personally want to move on to the next step and usher in a new way of doing things in Mombasa. We have taken a step back, evaluated various things in the process, and come up with bold new programs lined up to cause major disruption in the Mombasa eco-system. We are embarking on what we (as individual members) call the #RiseAndShape campaign. Building an eco-system of Shapers in Mombasa who have risen up to the task of taking Mombasa, through the Global Shapers Community, a step ahead.

Which is why we want to begin by announcing that we have finally managed to setup the Global Shapers Mombasa hub, for which I will be personally involved as the hub curator.

The Global Shapers Mombasa Hub Logo

The Global Shapers Community is a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities. An Initiative of the World Economic Forum.

The major project that the Mombasa hub will work to implement will be the #internet4all project, which we will envision working closely with regional stakeholders.

The #internet4all is Powered by The Global Shapers Community — an initiative of the World Economic Forum.

#internet4all campaign is a campaign powered by the Global Shapers Community and is based on the strong belief that universal access to the internet represents one of the most realistic and effective routes to delivering Africans economic and societal progress over short period of time.

As we are all, as a shapers community in Mombasa, excited about this new project, we are also embarking on pushing out our first project to get these things in motion. Details about this coming soon. Do watch this space and do follow us on facebook for regular updates. We will be coming up with our blog soon.