This question strikes an emotional chord with me.

Because I asked this question every single day throughout my late teen years, university years and in to my early-mid 20s.

Brace yourself, its about to get personal.

I never opened up to anyone about this before.

One night in particular comes to mind when I was 16:

I was different.

I was not like many other 16 year-olds wondering where the next party was at and which house party to crash on Friday nights.

I was thinking about life!

I was thinking about what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. I was trying to tire…

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Our financial well-being is dependent upon having access to credit. Over the last decade with the rise of mobile and financial technologies, our way of doing business has dramatically changed.

New questions about the criteria in determining our creditworthiness in the digital era have been raised. With changes to technological tools, come shifts in consumer behavior.

The result? A shift in business models.

One area that has lagged behind rapid technological advances are the methods in determining credit scores and data. …

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When I was 16, I already began to plan out my 20s. I set milestones that I had to hit by the time I was 30.

I was a different kid in that sense really caring about doing my 20s in what I thought was “the right way”.

I believed that if I did my 20s in the “right way” and not acting like an idiot, then I would be able to have more of a peace of mind, for when real life begins by the time you hit 30.

“Work hard now, so you can rest later”, was my…

Do you ever think about being a person of impact? Having the purpose of clearly making a difference in the world. This does not have to be something monumental, but just doing your part as a single human being.

One way is with your personal finances and investing, otherwise known as impact investing.

The mission of impact investing aims to allow the ability for anyone to make a difference.

Social impact investments (SIIs), ESG or impact investing look to achieve two things:

  1. Social goals
  2. Financial returns

The term, impact investing is relatively new and could be traced back to 2007…

If you started a job right out of university and didn’t negotiate your salary properly from the beginning, it can affect your career salary trajectory years down the line.

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That does not mean things cannot change, but trying to move it up especially within the same company is very difficult, unless a new manager comes in for a fresh start.

Most likely, it will have to be at a different company to get the salary you feel you deserve.

Here is why.

1. Stinginess

Companies these days are very stingy when it comes to giving promotional raises, unless you really really work…

Social impact investments (SIIs), ESG or impact investing look to achieve two things:

  1. Social goals
  2. Financial returns

The term, impact investing is relatively new and could be traced back to 2007 at the Rockefeller Centre in Italy, where several practitioners gathered to define a new investment approach, able to generate more than a financial return.

Since then, this investment approach has been discussed and utilized by governmental organizations, NGOs and financial institutions alike.

So, What’s the Buzz about in Impact Investing?

It has really transformed the investment management as well as philanthropy, especially over the last decade.

Investments can be geared towards a social initiative or overall social…

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Investing continues to evolve. With newer investment products, comes newer governmental regulations and with newer regulations, comes newer financial planning techniques.

One newer investment approach has been put at the forefront of the investment management industry today — impact investing. The term can originally be traced back to 2007 at the Rockefeller Centre in Italy, where practitioners gathered to define a new investing approach that would generate more than a financial return.

Since then, international organizations, governmental entities and financial institutions have shifted their attention to the notion that general investments like stocks and bonds could be used to better…

To say that human rights has a birthday sounds a bit odd, right?

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Human rights should be a timeless universal right, but it was officially established as a special day following World War II.

The United Nations in 1948 created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is observed every December 10th. The declaration, according to the United Nations is a milestone document proclaiming,

“The inalienable rights which everyone is inherently entitled to as a human being — regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, language, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.”

This landmark…

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The investing landscape is changing and changing fast. As baby boomers are planning for and entering retirement that leaves the door wide open for a newer younger generation of investors to enter the market.

Over the last decade, impact or socially responsible investing is directed to important societal and environmental causes while achieving long-term returns. Led by millennials, this relatively new investment approach is growing not only because of a generational shift but will continue to because of gender attitudes as well.

This is exactly how Tech and Sustainability can merge….

Cisco is known for its technology, but the firm has been working on remarkable environmental initiatives that may come as a surprise. Cisco is a world leader in environmental sustainability and a leader in the Climate Action portfolio. They aim to minimize waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserving biodiversity and natural resources to encourage an environmentally sustainable economy.

As natural resources continue to be harvested at an alarming rate, the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, methane, coal and other fossil fuels are depleting.

According to the…

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