Why your STARTUP will fail ?
Sarim Tahir Syed

Excellent write-up sarim. Specially the part where you discussed about participating in every event on the expense of your hard earned money and most importantly your precious time. I am more of a “saar jhukao oor kaam karo” kinda guy. Go somewhere only if you have something real to present. Events are great for networking but premature exposure can derail you from your actual goal giving false measure of success.

Speaking of measure of success, every entrepreneur should select, very carefully, the factors over which he/she is going to measure his/her growth. For most people its sales. For others it can be downloads,subscriptions or signups. The points is never misguide yourself with false measures. I have seen people running grocery store online and measuring their growth in terms of Facebook likes on their page. Identify your growth indicators and keep track of them. Don’t let pseudo factors distract you.

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