Until I see the mirror

Everyday I walk through this same path and its always this crowded. People bumping all the time and not giving a fuck about it. They just walk by as if they are all that matters to this world.


The worst of all are these hot women that just make you non existent, more like an object across their path which only moves by the magic spell: Excuse me. You know what, fuck them, I am awesome. It feels like even I am turning like one of these "emotion less" creatures who walk through this path everyday.

Lets care less about this, I have to stop by the mall. It was so early that I didn't even see myself after I woke up. The only reason people go to the malls in the morning is because of the washroom, can't waste time in the house but if its outside it doesn't matter.

This is what I love, watching myself. Lets just wet the hands and set the hairs right. Wait! What the fuck! Is that a pimple. I should get closer. It's like I was naive about my looks all this time. I look horrible. To make things worse there is a pimple right on the nose. Smiles take away all the blemishes, don't they? Oh damn they don't, people are going to notice this.

Where’s my ID card! Well that’s more of a problem, I think I should walk back. All that waking up early and shit, ruins at this right moment. It was all useless.

It feels colder than before. I didn't notice this earlier but people are wearing more blue today. Most of them look horrible in it and faces, people have weird shaped faces. At least I am not the only one who looks bad.

Did that girl just look at me? I bet it’s the pimple. Oh shit people are noticing it. What are you looking at? You ugly fuck! This guy looks worse than me and he has the nerve to laugh at my face. Fuck! Why are people looking at me? Is it because I am walking back? Or the pimple? Maybe they are just disgusted! This shouldn’t be happening. Isn’t this the same path I came from.

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