Promoting Good Animation: “Earworm” by Vox

This video from the YouTube channel “Vox” demonstrates their skillful use of engaging animation to draw the audience in and enhance their viewing experience. Their Earworm series especially highlights this as the subject is always about qualities of music. Instead of solely relying on interview footage, narration, and the songs themselves to make the video’s case, Vox employs elaborate use of graphics and animation to visualize the points being made. The video could have started with concert footage or a flat graphic of Rihanna to kick off the narrator’s initial points about the song, “Work,” but instead the video begins with an animated CD jewel case flying in and opening, followed by a dynamic title graphic appearing. The animation is choppy by choice, instilling a retro vibe to the piece that coincides with the dust, scratches, and general theme of the topic.

The animation isn’t a flood of stale corporate motion graphics that are simply there to add some pizzazz to a mundane piece. The animation is a large part of the reason to watch Vox videos. They have style and character. They are impressive in their scope and their brevity. An animation that most likely took hours to make based on its complexity would appear in a video for a few seconds at most, like those seen above. Graphics pan,zoom in and out, drift through 3D space. Sound is visualized through dynamic waveforms and charts flow as if they are collecting their data before our eyes. All of it is made with a point that is immediately clear upon seeing it. It is visual flavor that rockets Vox’s video production far beyond their competitors.