Be the 1st in the category #branding

when I were on my way to work tomorrow morning, I have saw an advertise for a company called SADAD an ”Electronic Payment Network” and this company may be the 5th in this category in Egypt, so I was thinking about the market share they made which I don’t think it is too much as Fawry which is the 1st in this category.
I think Fawry market share exceed the sum of others, being the 1st in the category gives you the trust and the permission needed to make a strong bond with your audience so if you are doing business try to be the 1st by entering new markets, target small niche or add value that invent a new category.
if you are already in market try to take a new position that other are far from, just add value like investing in customer service or strengthen your infrastructure or you go with the blue ocean strategy, so tell me about your position challenge? .