Power of Blame

By: Ahmed Al-Shraify | August 7 2018

The power of blame is often overlooked. We blame others for where we are in life. We blame the economy for our slow business. We blame our environment for the lack of opportunity in our lives. We blame our spouse for a lack of romance or love in our relationships. We have no problem blaming OTHERS for things that happen to US in OUR lives, and we do it automatically and without hesitation.

The power of blame is one that if understood, can take you to higher levels of achievement. To blame someone for something, is to say that they caused the incident to happen. For someone to cause something to happen, it must mean that they are in control of what’s happening. In other words, to give someone the blame, is to literally give them control over your life for a moment in time.

I don’t know about you, but there is no one in this world that I would ever give control of my life to. That is why I look at everything that happens to me from the perspective that I could have done something differently to avoid it from happening. I never look at what others did wrong, even if it is them who is at “fault”. If you want to assume full control over your life, you must take full responsibility of EVERYTHING that happens to you. This is the quality that all great leaders must possess. A true leader does not blame his subordinates, even when he has the right to, but rather he blames himself as the leader of their actions.

To take the blame over what’s happening to you, even if you cannot justify it as your own fault is a symbol of true character. It will allow you to have full control over your own life. Once you master this power, there will never be an outside force responsible for the circumstances in your life. You will be on your way towards freedom.

Blame yourself. Not others.