The good, the bad, and the ugly- my experience as a non-techie managing my first two tech…
Elizabeth Shassere

Indeed, managing tech team when you are not technical could be really difficult. A good manager would discover that by common sense through communicating with people. In other words having the skill to discover when someone is bluffing. It is all about communication skills if you are not technical. I think in your case it was not too early and too late though.

A suggested solution for that, if your company is heavily reliant on tech, I consider to partner with a technical person and give her/him a stake in the company. They will manage that side of the business and the equity in the company will align their interest with yours and the startup. Keeping in mind, one drawback of giving away equity in early stage in the company could be a huge sacrifice if the company turned out to be really successful.

Great article and it was an interesting read for early morning.