Be interested in someone instead of being interested yourself

I have been given a project from AMAL academy, In which I have read first chapter of the book “THE FINE ART OF SMALL TALK: How to start a conversation, keep it going, building networking skills-and leave a positive impression” by Debra Fine and secondly to be interested in someone instead of being interested myself for 2–3 days.

It made a huge impact on my personality and I have learned some things which I would have never learned otherwise. Firstly I will put forth the inspiring conversations I’ve had in which I was interested in the second person I was talking to.

Casual conversation happen regularly in our everyday lives. The small talk holds great importance in Business, when you are with friends, in group tasks etc. It can help you build an positive impression on someone.

A close friend, I went to his house. We went to drink a shake nearby and I noticed that he kind of looked sad. I inquired the problem then he said that his monthly has been deducted 50$. I was interested in him so I kept on asking him questions about him, Like: Why was the pay deducted?, Didn’t you informed them that you will be taking these days off? I noticed that by just being interested in him his mood was getting better. He began to talk more energetically and smile was on his face now. And at the end of our talk when I took my wallet out to pay for the shake. He said:

Thank you for such a lovely conversation. The bill is on me tonight.

I was astonished of what I can achieve just by being interesting in someone. I can make everyone happy.

This opened many doors of knowledge for me. This was a way to open a conversation. I was regretting the fact that I was neglecting this fact in my everyday life for so many time. I have learned the big deal about the small talk. We can get away with a lot of awkward situations applying this concept. Like how to make small talk with the bride at the wedding ceremony. How to start a conversation with your group fellow.

I insist you try it too. Maybe your take away will be more rich than mine.

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