This blog post is about one of my recent publication “Solar Event Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks”. This article will be abstract and probably not useful for an expert but it should be interesting to see another application area of deep learning.

Over the last decade, deep learning literally takes over the computer vision world. The story starts from Yann LeCun and his invention of convolutional neural networks (CNN)(see Yoshua Bengio and Geoffery Hinton, if you want to backtrace more). When LeCun invented CNN in the 90s, the computation capacity of computers was restricted, therefore it only can be used for a small task like handwritten digit recognition. …

I want to tell about “why did I move my blog to Medium?”. [Disclaimer before I start, I am not an active blogger so this post might not make sense for an actual blog writers.] …

Recently, I decided to pull images from Twitter to use in my Deep Neural Network project. Apparently, it is not a good idea because of the noisy data which might be the topic of another post. In this post, I will share a simple Java Code that allow you to download images from Twitter.

The Code is available in Github.

To run the code, you need to have a Twitter Application Account so that you can get appropriate authentication token for the Twitter’s API.

I want to explain the code little. …


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