The Bucket List


I don’t know what you think about bucket lists. It’s not one of my favourite things either but we can’t deny that it helps us get our lives sorted. At least I can’t deny that.

Get your life sorted

Thinking about what we would live to achieve in this life gives us confidence. And goals.

Bucket lists help us see the future better. Of course there is no guarantee that they can prevent us from doing what we don’t want to do but surely they will have a positive effect on experiencing the life in a way that we can predict, or literally want.

Understand yourself

Before having one of these cool lists, you should have understood yourself. Ask yourself as many questions as possible. Remember, talking to yourself is cool. It helps you in a lot of ways. I will come back to this topic of “talking to yourself” later on, but let’s keep it in line with bucket lists for now. We, humans, use words to think and express ourselves. We get to know people by talking to them. So in order to get to know ourselves, we better talk with us. In this context, think about as many questions as possible and ask yourself those. What do you want to experience? To have? Who do you want to spend time with? Which places would you like to visit before you die? What “crazy” thing you want to do for once? Ask yourself. Just do.

If you are afraid to lose track in your train of thoughts, jot them down.

Prioritising and time

You may opt to prioritise them but that’s rather optional. The easiest way to cross items off your bucket list is seizing opportunities related to those items in your list. What opportunity comes first, you do that.

Time is another factor here. We get to know ourselves better through time. Through experiences. So every once in a while you should examine your bucket list and do some maintenance. What suits you this year perhaps may not be your cup of tea in 5 years.

Share it

Sharing your bucket list not only reminds you what you want to achieve in life but it also motivates. If you should save money to do some of them, every time you look at the list, you remember what you’re working for.

You might be wondering why I have not shared mine so far. Well, in order to understand a bucket list deeply, you better get to know that person more. Once I believe I’ve shared enough posts here to pave the way, I will indeed share my bucket list!

Don’t be afraid.
Start talking to yourself.
Build a bucket list.


Illustration credit: Harlow Heslop