Border Wall Prototypes for…how much?!!

What Might the Border Wall actually cost?

I make no opinion about the Border Wall except that (a) like its predecessors, I think it will never be built, and (b) it will cost too much money and not be cost effective. I say this after reading some of the recent border wall articles, like from the LA Times, and the actual RFP from the Department of Homeland Security.

After reading the RFP, I did a back of the envelope calculation:

  1. I looked at the RFP for the Border Wall. “The estimated price range for the solid concrete wall prototype is between $200,000 and $500,000.”
  2. The Prototype is 30 feet long. The Border is slightly less than 2000 miles. Let’s convert that to feet and round that down, for simplicity, to 10,000,000 feet.
  3. Let’s assume the wall then costs $250,000 for every thirty feet of wall, at most. (This is probably not a crazy amount).
  4. This brings the possible cost of the entire wall, to: $83,333,333,333.

That’s before change orders.

Is my math correct? Does anyone see it differently?