Version 0.3.1 (Build 6)

Click here to download Bookmarkz 0.3.1.

New Features

  • Title of bookmarks can be edited in Bookmark Inspector.
  • New collections can be created when you are adding bookmarks.
  • When you adding collections, the selected collection can be the parent of your newly added collection.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue that can not open bookmarks with special characters in URL.
  • Resolved an issue that modification not displayed after modifying the name of a collection.
  • Newly added bookmarks with collection can be seen immediately in All Bookmarks section.
  • Other minor bugs.


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版本 0.3.1 (构建版本 6)


  • 现在可以在属性面板中修改书签的标题
  • 在新增书签时,可以直接创建新的集合
  • 在创建新集合时,可以选择当前选中集合为新增集合的上层集合


  • 修复了不能打开URL中有特殊字符的书签的问题
  • 修复了修改集合名称后,界面没有更新的问题
  • 修复了在某个集合中新增书签后,全部书签中无法立刻看到新增书签的问题,
  • 以及其他一些小问题
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