On-street and almost all off-street parking, including parking garages, will be unnecessary and we’ll get rid of them.
Self-Driving Cars Will Improve Our Cities. If They Don’t Ruin Them.
Robin Chase

CLEARLY written by someone who is able-bodied and has never had to get multiple small children out of child restraining car seats. This is NOT a utopian vision to someone with a mobility impairment. If there’s no off-street parking, where are these dream-vehicles supposed to be while we load/unload them? If we’re all supposed to be sharing communal vehicles, you expect us to install/uninstall our babies’ car seats each trip? Or share the car seats so germs get passed from infant to infant? Way to further unintentionally isolate those who are already isolated by caring for the next generation. As if the status quo wasn’t doing that effectively enough.

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