Has the Real Estate Become Cheaper than Real Estate Stocks?

There is no doubt that the application of new real estate shares, which came into force in Turkey has brought a special vitality for those wishing to invest in the real estate sector, and there are many mega projects in Istanbul in particular that were offered for real estate investment in the Turkish Stock Exchange and began to sell these shares, as they have received considerable attention from investors.

The head of Istanbul’s Stock Exchange, Hemet Karadag, said that the price of these shares reached 37 Turkish lire, which makes these investments available to all investment segments.

The price of the shares has started from 42 Turkish liras, which is a low price in the normal case, and was further reduced in order to secure the benefit of a larger number of investors.

There is no doubt that this application has contributed to the reduction of property prices also for investors, where the normal price in case of purchase from the construction company is 5 thousand Turkish liras per square meter, while this price is about 4 thousand Turkish liras per square meter via real estate shares.

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