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Education can be done using an online whiteboard.
Education can be made easier, more engaging, and more enjoyable with Dojoit’s online whiteboard for schools and universities.

Dojoit is the fastest and most user-friendly online whiteboard for educational purposes. It is completely free for both teachers and students! It’s ideal for tutoring, educating, and facilitating student participation. With ease, you may create lessons, discuss ideas, and work on projects.

Students should be involved outside of the classroom.

Make a seamless transition between the classroom and distance learning. Dojoit allows for greater adaptability and the development of new methods for encouraging active participation and learning. Dojoit enhances the engagement of every session, whether it is a live lecture or homework.



Dojoit is a Simple and Powerful Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration, Brainstorming, Wireframing, Design Thinking, and Analysis.
We Provide Numerous Industry-First Features for Rapid Real-Time Remote Collaboration.

Online Whiteboard Capabilities Our online whiteboard facilitates collaboration at the speed of light.

True Interstellar Online Discussion Board

Every interaction between board participants is displayed in real-time on the online whiteboard, making Dojoit feel as fluid as an in-person whiteboard. Write, draw, and add images with ease. What you do is immediately displayed to all other participants.



Dojoit is an Intelligent, User-Friendly Online Whiteboard for Real-Time Visual Collaboration, Brainstorming, Wireframing, and Design Thinking. Free Registration!

Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

Together, we can accomplish more, whether in this galaxy or another. Visual Collaboration Whiteboard The quickest visual collaborative whiteboard for distant teams, enabling real-time ideation, mind mapping, and brainstorming.

Whiteboard for Online Brainstorming

Dojoit’s visual collaboration whiteboard canvas facilitates real-time ideation for small teams. Engage everyone in simple mind-mapping, brain-netting, starbursting, or any other technique you want. To keep the creative juices flowing, add ideas asynchronously between sessions.