I am scared.

I am scared.

From what my ‘parents’ told.

Seeing their eyes so cold.

Shivering as winter entered the household.

Me,shocked and stood like a pole.

I am scared.

As truths unfold.

That I have no name to belong.

After years of blind follows,

I rushed through the night with bold.

I am bold.

I need to know where I belong.

I cant hide my life with untold mysteries I don’t know.

Where did I get eyes and my nose from.

Whom I inherited my colour and my hair from.

These questions all start to make me move on.

I am cold.

It was big mistake to leave home.

Through the years of being pampered and being cared of.

I take a bow

and walk off

To the two old gravestones with my surname on.

I came home. With a worried and grief eyes.

“Sorry I love you,please don’t cry.”

I learnt blood may not be thicker than water,my

Brothers and sisters will never say goodbye.

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