Who Are We?

Part 1–100 Words

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Always running. Running with eyes on the future. Running to find hope in a new place; forced to leave everything behind. Across what felt like the world, leaving friends and memories behind. As travels continued, I pushed my childhood farther and farther into my past; thinking only about survival. But the running ended; hope had been found. But at what price did this new hope come with? Struggling to return to society, hope was again lost. But no matter how dark life got, the light refused to die. And once I saw it, it restored my lost hope for eternity.

Part 2-Graphs

Part 3-Meaningful Song


This song lifts me up and, towards the end, really motivates me to do something.

Part 4-Picture at 9pm

On Friday, I was at the football game playing in the band.

Part 5-Typical Day Vine


Part 6-People Who Inspire Me

Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK was an abolitionist who was killed for what he believed in. He fought for what was right and did not give up. I have a dream.

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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was a professional athlete in the NBA. He set multiple records and is regarded as the best basketball player ever. And yet, he did not make his high school team. He is proof that anything is possible.

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Albert Einstein

Einstein was an astrophysicist who discovered the formula for relativity. Many thought he was crazy and wrong, yet he helped build the foundation of science today.

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Part 7-Inspirational Quote

“The price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret.”

-Nido Qubein

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