Unit 5 Blog Post

Think about the different types of societies we learned about. Would you rather live in any of the previous societies rather than our current type of society? If so, why? If not, what about current society do you think is better than before?

No, I would not rather live in any previous society rather than our current type. One of the many beauties of modern society is that we can look back on history and enjoy many of the great aspects of that time period without the negative aspects that come with it. For example, we can enjoy the music of the fifties without experiencing gross law-enforced racism, enjoy the stories of great triumph in WWII without getting drafted, and enjoy the beauty of automobiles from the 30’s without dying of cholera when you’re 27 because you just by chance fell into a stagnant pond.

Certainly that is not to say that living in modern times does not come with it’s own set of drawbacks. Industrialization and the destruction of many natural habitats is a negative aspect of modern society; crowded living and scarcity of natural resources is another. However, thanks to the past I can wake up, drink coffee and eat food I know is safe, go to work or school in a car that is powerful, fuel efficient, and safe, be in a relationship with a girl who is not the same color as me and not be judged by society in any meaningful way, have advances in modern medicine that can treat me for most anything, and still look back at the past with wonder and joy because of the internet and other means of record keeping.

Choose one of the four types of alienation described by Marx and write about how you experience that alienation in your own life.

One example of alienation of the worker from their product I can relate to is a rather specific incident. Me and my brothers car, a 1974 BMW 2002, does not have cupholders. It never came with them, and BMW didn’t even start putting them into cars until the mid nineties. Me and him, being the design and engineering oriented, decided to make one that mounted to the dash (having a 3D printer helped here). I cannot begin to explain how trivial it was to design a simple cupholder. The final product worked well, but minute details one would never even think about such as the radius of the ring the cup was sitting in or the need for a base for the cup to sit on presented actual design challenges.

Describe some of the statuses that you occupy in your lives. Which of these are
ascribed statuses and which are achieved statuses and why?

Being a male, being a college student, being white, being able to drive a car, and being able to read and write are some of my statuses. Being a male is ascribed, being white is ascribed, but being a college student, being able to read and write, and being able to drive a car are all achieved statuses. I had no control over being born white or being born with brown hair and eyes or being born a male, but I did have total control over the grades I got in high school and my aptitude on the drivers test and my learning at a young age in order to read and write.