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UCSD Rady School of Management visits

This was a new experiential learning opportunity for UCSD Rady School of Management graduate students, giving them insight into the economic and cultural exchanges that influence the Tijuana-San Diego region’s dynamic and cross-border business culture.

[Apr 24th, 2019] San Diego and Tijuana stand in a path of a continuous flow of human and material resources that has existed for decades, if not centuries. Thousands of American people living in Tijuana cross daily to work in the United States, making the San Diego–Tijuana border an urbanized region that is constantly changing and reinventing itself.

The trip was part of the Border Innovation Challenge, presented through a partnership of the Rady School of Management and the Jacobs School of Engineering. This competition focuses on showcasing promising solutions and new technology designed to meet the security and efficiency challenges at the Tijuana–San Diego ports of entry. …

Last Thursday, Pablo Barragan and Gaby Belden from Bitso’s marketing team visited us for an exclusive look into their crypto exchange app.

[Apr 16th, 2019] This was their first meetup in Tijuana, with many more coming this year throughout LATAM. Bitso is a Mexican-made digital exchange platform that allows users to purchase and sell digital currencies among each other. At more than 600,000 users, Bitso is LATAM’s leading digital currency exchange provider. They’re also the only app in LATAM to let you check market trends and buy crypto at the same time.

The company started in April 2014 with the goal of increasing access to affordable financial services for individuals and small businesses in Mexico. They also provide easy access to the crypto ecosystem while continuously developing tools that bring crypto to everyday life. …

We are pleased to announce the new collaboration between and, to bring together their altruistic raise of ETH and DAI to charities in LATAM.

[Mar 8th, 2019] is an entirely free, open-source platform, built on the Ethereum Blockchain that cuts out bureaucracy and enables nonprofits to create a high level of transparency and accountability towards donors. …