Dakota Access Pipeline

Soical and digital media have played a signficant role in the protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. As shown in the article above, violent riots have broken out between protesters and law enforcement regarding the issue. This article goes into as much detail to say that the protesters were kept in dog kennels. The riots got extremely deadly, with activists saying both sides firing gun shots. Drones were used to cover information at first.

How social media has played a role? (Information from article below)

  • Morton County’s sheriff posts daily updates and streaming to Facebook
  • 6,000 people tuned in to listen to Governor’s speech addressing the issue
  • A sacred-stone camp go fund me page has been created- has gained over 1 million dollars since April, which is one of the highest the site has ever seen
  • Videos of Mark Ruffalo and a Tweet from Thor actor, while he is still in costume
  • Videos posted by ‘Buffalo Child’ was shared over 21,000 times
  • Hashtag on twitter= #noDAPL
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