Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone

Technology has proved that everything can be done easily as easy as using fingers in the mobile and done. Every coin has two sides as technology have its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take an example of mobile phones.

When mobile phone was invented it was the best invention for 20th sanctuary. Firstly, it has given break to telephone and fax. Then, this invention moved towards endless researches and it has made perfect every time.Basically, mobile phones ware made for communication while roaming at any place which includes voice calling and texting to another person although nowadays we can also send emails from mobile phones and make a video call to beloved once in any place.Secondly, it is the best thing to get entertainment like watching our favorite movies, listening to our beloved songs and play our ideal games anywhere.Thirdly, nowadays mobile enables us to provide the functionality of an internet that comes with numerous feature of information like education and knowledge for sports, daily or instant news and general knowledge from Wikipedia the encyclopedia. Fourthly, a mobile phone is widely used in navigation like Global Positioning System(GPS) and maps which makes us know our current position and helps us to find our destination address.Last but not the least, we can use various mobile applications in banking, payments, booking, calculate complex sums, alarms, and calendars.These things make the mobile not just device but part of our daily life.

As technology mobile also has dark sides.Firstly, as mobile phone connected the whole world together virtually, we forgot to communicate with each other personally. Secondly, our family bonding became less stronger because we prefer to use mobile rather than spending time with family. Thirdly, we sometimes spend our precious and valuable time using mobile rather than doing our valuable work. Fourthly, using a mobile phone for a long term may cause health issues in mentally and physically, in mental issues one may have stress, isolation from society, and depression and physical demerits include a headache, hearing problems, weakness in eyes.Lastly, a person sometimes forgets that there is the real world out there waiting for new opportunities to meet new people be happy. All I can see is virtual world makes modern human’s health less valuable and relations less stronger.

To put everything in the nutshell, mobile is just a device for making our life simple. we can not ignore change and not use mobile albeit we need mobile to communicate and many more things.I strongly assert that a person should be the prudent user of the mobile phone in order to reduce the risks encountered by using it and have to take punitive steps towards using mobile phones.