Our beloved hero Edhi shb is the most influential hero of the Pakistan even for the whole world. Edhi shb is the best example how we save the humanity in the world. Edhi shb is the hero and also the inspiration of my life. During his golden life he set some principle of progress. During his life he adopted the principle the he never stop working for humanity and keep working till the death. Edhi shb adopted the principle of progress that he never stop their work till the death. That dedication inspired me a lot and in my life i also want to work with the same passion of Edhi shb. After reading the book i learnt that whatever the circumstances we should never quit and just work with passion.

My goal is to become CSS officer because i am not from the educated family background. So, i want to set an example for my whole family. Actually during my studies i face a lot of financial problems in the past due to this i was not been able to start the further studies because of my job.

I’ll make my mind that in the future i’ll start the coaching of CSS and whatever the circumstances i’ll never stop trying.

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