Story of Endless journey

Life is nothing but an endless journey.It ends when one’s called as late.
Edhi sb a great humanitarian's life is the best example of a successful endless journeys.While having a look on the life of Edhi ’s journey i observed that Edhi sb used Amal’s Principle of progress that is KAM KAM KAM.He started his journey alone with no financial or manpower support.He just started and remained consistent.He started with helping an old man and end with providing services to humanity from cradle to grave.
He offered baby cradles,Destitute home,welfare centers,world largest ambulance service,Air ambulance service,Marine and coastal services,Blood and drug banks,Grave yard services,Prisoners aid and many many more.
I applied Amal principal of progress Kam kam kam when i was worrying about my admission in an engineering university. I did work hard kam kam kam, studied all night during exams and at last i secured admission in Engineering University.

Juststart project

Basically I am a random person and never been a good time manager.I want to do a lot of things,want to learn a lot of skills.That’s why i make a lot of plans but never go for them.I signed up for a lot of online courses i downloaded tutorials but never completed them . After joining Amal cademy first time i completed two online courses and it’s my biggest achievement of this week.It was a good experience , i learnt to manage time and take responsibility somehow and was able to complete on time.