My First!

To write or not to write, had to ponder a lot on it.

To write, because I like to!

Not to, because it serves no purpose!

To write, as in general i’m considered a good speaker!

Not to, when put those thoughts in black n white might turn out to be all gibberish!

To write, I have tons n tons of free time (story for another day)

Not to, I am as lazy as they gets :)

I had and still have all these and more rambling up in my head. But still this urge to author a best seller some day :) is getting stronger by day,forces me to sit up on my lazy bum and start from somewhere.

So here i’m starting my first, hoping to improve myself with some feedback. Getting feedback implies, getting some recognition, implies doing something with consistency, implies not being my usual self. So yeah here i’m hoping against hope that I will be able to do it.

Hoping to fill this space with series of articles on life; my life, though its not interesting enough but even the best of series have filler episodes. More importantly planning to write about life lessons that I learned, still leaning and will learn over time. Second area of interest is politics, many feels that politics is dry, unholy and complete bullshit. But I think if we are to talk life, politics is one of the basic catalysts and one cant just ignore. Thirdly professionally i’m an “IT Guru” more correctly I would like to think I am :). In this section I be writing about tech & science. My commentary on any new scientific finds or some long forgotten ones. How to… articles on development and programming languages etc. Finally this space would contain articles on my favorite part “fun stuff…” most importantly movies. I love movies and I love talking about them moreover TV/Netflix series, games, anime, comics, memes and the whole internet.

That feels enough for first article hope someone (other than those I can force) will follow these series and help me with their feedback and help me write a best seller and make tons of monies :P. Before I close this article I would like to make a promise to self that I will try my utmost to be brutally honest, cruelly rude (wherever I have to)and extremely rational throughout this journey. adios.

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