The Neighbour We Become

I am going this way 
my face 
as long as I’m paid

most drinking drivers 
the quart before the hearse, set 
by my mother 
it’s quite clear

You know 
whatever way you pour this thing

I’m not coming 
I am here 
I shaved soaps 
that irritate imagination, shriveled into 
“O brother 
a dormant part of your body 
like the appendix or coccyx

“The drink I just swallowed 
Half a Pound 
I want it again.” 
For half a truth 
and a third time

I’ve been a snively bastard all my life 
my lady, misbehaved, 
but they’ll say my heart 
grunt and grumble, rant and rumble 
tried a jar

Shoot some brute 
She’s now 
a famous 
in the right rooms

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