Time is always and only place

Everyone is a world, peopled 
by blind beings in dark commotion

- Gunnar Ekelöf

Michael Goldberg

I surround myself with incompleteness 
I dare you to look anywhere else.

What a place to wake up in; 
Even the squirrels with 
their mind for business take 
the time to traipse slower and 
track the rhythms of our feet your feet

Under blankets 
I am a fortress for untrained 
thoughts and unchecked 
a vehicle held up by mortals 
to drive us around our empire 
all the carp to catch and cut 
all the fruit to pick

No thoughts of unstamped papers and 
tall ceilings boxing me into a non me

Flailing health and second guesses 
scars to weep and sleep, but baby

On that day I was so sure that my whiskey breath was true happiness and so were we so are we

The first drink I pour 
is never the only drink I pour 
the first time we do this to ourselves 
is never the only time we do this to ourselves 
and now the floors have cracked from lifting up my lies

Tell me exactly what my 
heart means or wait as I 
disappear. Your fortress 
is still here sinking and silent 
and I really want to be there 
to break free from

you only thinking about speaking 
and me only speaking about thinking