Activity 1 : Interested Challenge

A day with Security Guard

Its a story of ARY NEWS Office and i asked questions about the life of a Security Guard personaly

Tommorrow i met my office Security Guard and i take an interview of that person at first when i met i just say salam to him and passed .But tommorrow i realized wants to ask him about his health and his activities and how they survive ?

Ahsan:A O A How are u ?

Guard:Alhumdulilah Sir! am fine and whats about you?

Ahsan :am also good .Sir today i am comming to you ask your life how u survive and where you lived?

Guard:Sir i lived in a small town near to the Faisal Town and i have four kids all are studying in a school.

Ahsan: that’s great uncle.unkle my question is how u manage your all expenses?

Guard: Sir its too much tough for me to manage my expense i took 15000 from that office and in 15000 now a days survive too much .

Ahsan: ohh uncle if someone help you and then hows u feel?

Guard : Am too much excited and pray to Allah for your good health and Allah give you more and also thanks to Allah for helping me .

Ahsan :Thank you too uncle and i also feeling happy to meet you and too help others i feel happy and think Allah nay mujy is qabil samjha kay i help others needy or poor people

Guard :Sir nice to meet you and thanks for your Help.

Ahsan:No need Sir Its all Allah wish and its not my any kamal its all Allah Pak us nay mujy zarf/samjh dya ma ksi ki madad kar sakoon .Nice to meet you sir.Allah Pak also give you good health .i give him some money which was (Rs. 3000) and i see a smile on his face and say Allah Hafiz

Guard :Allah Hafiz i wish you meet me everyday in office and heres no one who interact or meet me like that you meet Allah Hafiz Sir.

And thanks for helping me

Ahsan: No problem uncle Allah Hafiz